Corso congregazionale di formazione permanente

Manaus, 25 July 2019. We continued  our journey of ongoing formation in the heart of Amazonia, a cultural and spiritual richness, which  replenished us with joy, faith and hope every day. Our formation was intense, filled by MSCS spirituality and fraternal coexistence, as a group.

We were drinking from the Source, through people who helped us understand the migratory reality, not only of the Amazon; this place is extremely important, both because it is a sacred place and because of our missionary presence with many ethnic groups.

With joy we celebrated several moments, undoubtedly the most important were the Eucharistic celebrations, with the presence of the Church of Manaus through the priests and bishops of this archdiocese.

For this course very rich contents were prepared, thanks also to the collaboration of our sisters, we were more updated and had grown more: on co-founders, biblical knowledge (migrations in the Holy Scriptures), spirituality and mission (charisma), our sources (Traditio), our pillars (welcome, itinerancy and communion in diversity) and our relationships (humanization).

We have been offered different opportunities for encounters, including knowing the mission of our Sisters and our confreres, the LMS group. We had a beautiful cultural night with dances and typical foods, moments of integration and knowledge of good and welcoming people.

We had some visits, which are excited and had enriched us as missionaries, including that of Archbishop Sérgio Eduardo Castriani, who in his simplicity, wisdom and the fragility of his illness came to give us his blessing, presented us the evangelization plan of the archdiocese and thanked for our presence in his diocese.

We have received several messages, which have motivated us to continue to see in the other the image of the Migrant Christ who walks with his people, as pilgrim  in search of something more.

Our thanks to Sr. Maria Lélis da Silva – Provincial Superior of PMMM for her encouraging message and to all other communities: our thanks for the unity, the prayer and the opportunity to be here.

Our gratitude to all the teams present here who have accomplished their task so that everything can be realized in the best way.

Our thanks are given to the commitment of each participant present, especially Sr. Etra Modica, General Animator of  Formation, and Sr. Carolina França, Provincial Councilor who did her best, so that each of us would feel better.

We thank God for giving us the opportunity to see the wonders he created, here in this territory, so far and yet so close.

Sr. Andri Vilas Boas e Sr. Emiliane Diogo

Responsible for Communication