On the Road towards the XIV General Chapter

The Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo will be holding the  General Chapter with the theme:

“Consecrated to the Mission for migrants and Refugees”

and with its logo:

“Walking humbly with your God”  (Mc. 6:8)

from 22ndOctober until 17thNovember 2019 at the

International Spirituality Center of Sacred Heart of Jesus, Via Campi    D’Annibale, 137, 00040-Rocca di Papa, Rome, Italy.

A General Chapter is an event of grace, a gift that God gives to all the members of the Congregation and to the Church; as such it must be welcomed by all the Sisters, as being responsive part of it from its preparation to its realization, welcoming the call of the Lord at this present moment in our history.
(Sr. Neusa di Fatima Mariano, mscs, Convocation Letter of the XIV General Chapter)

We prepare our hearts and welcome with openness this privileged hour, the great Kairósof our God, with the awareness of being responsible for the charism, in an attitude of listening, discernment and availability to the will of the God, the Father and the motions of the Holy Spirit.

Let us accompany the XIV General Chapter as it is being prepared and lived in all our communities, “with prayers and Eucharistic celebrations, with reflections and study of the specific and dedicates subsidies, letting ourselves to be led by the Holy Spirit, allowing Him to enlighten us, guide us and accompany us where He wants, so that the will of God may be realized.”