The Scalabrinian Family launches an appeal to “talk about migration

The General Direction of the three Institutes of the Scalabrinian Family (composed of the Fathers, Sisters and Lay Consecrated) met in Villabassa (Bolzano). The goal was to focus attention on the most pressing needs in the migration sector. “We are living in a time when old and new conflicts uproot thousands of people from their homes and their land and force them to seek security elsewhere”, said Father Leonir Chiarello (Superior General of the Scalabrinians), Sister Neusa de Fatima Mariano (general superior of the Scalabrinians) and Regina Widmann (general manager of the Scalabrinian Seculars)

“We are living a time in which the exasperated search for one’s own comfort exacerbates the inequalities among people and between nations – they continue – and forces many to look for opportunities in another country, where access to those opportunities is often denied; a time in which to have hope one must buy it illegally and end up buying the probability of failure or death; a time in which rhetoric against migrants prevails and is utilized as an easy tool to obtain consensus while giving in return uncertain and short-term solutions. These are not abstract considerations. Just think of the many borders where so many tragedies are taking place every day”.

These are three guidelines launched by the Scalabrinian Family. Narrating through facts and witnessing because there is a lot of “repetitiveness in stigmatizing migrants as a threat to national well-being, to the security of citizens, to the cultural heritage of a society”. Therefore narrating migrants, because “the migrants especially are silent, because nobody wants to hear their voice. It is our duty to create opportunities for migrants to speak and for someone to listen, for us to listen”. Finally, “narrating to God”, because “precisely before God the migrants will not accompany us, but we must create opportunities to narrate together our stories that intertwine to become the history of salvation”.

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On the Road towards the XIV General Chapter

The Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo will be holding the  General Chapter with the theme:

“Consecrated to the Mission for migrants and Refugees”

and with its logo:

“Walking humbly with your God”  (Mc. 6:8)

from 22ndOctober until 17thNovember 2019 at the

International Spirituality Center of Sacred Heart of Jesus, Via Campi    D’Annibale, 137, 00040-Rocca di Papa, Rome, Italy.

A General Chapter is an event of grace, a gift that God gives to all the members of the Congregation and to the Church; as such it must be welcomed by all the Sisters, as being responsive part of it from its preparation to its realization, welcoming the call of the Lord at this present moment in our history.
(Sr. Neusa di Fatima Mariano, mscs, Convocation Letter of the XIV General Chapter)

We prepare our hearts and welcome with openness this privileged hour, the great Kairósof our God, with the awareness of being responsible for the charism, in an attitude of listening, discernment and availability to the will of the God, the Father and the motions of the Holy Spirit.

Let us accompany the XIV General Chapter as it is being prepared and lived in all our communities, “with prayers and Eucharistic celebrations, with reflections and study of the specific and dedicates subsidies, letting ourselves to be led by the Holy Spirit, allowing Him to enlighten us, guide us and accompany us where He wants, so that the will of God may be realized.”



Strengthening the joy of self-giving in prayer and in serving migrants

Congregational Ongoing Formation Course
Manaus, July 27 – August 9, 2019

We are a group of sixteen (16) Sisters, coming from different continents and countries, working in different realities and cultures, with the aim of “Strengthening the joy of self-giving in prayer and in serving migrants, to strengthen the religious missionary Scalabrinian identity “.

We are grateful to God and to the Congregation for having received the opportunity of these days to deepen, learn and reflect on various aspects of our consecrated life. The topics addressed in this first part were: “Humanization of our relationships and the importance of non-violent communication, to get to know each other better and relate in a balanced and harmonious way in our communities and also in the society. We also reflected on some significant aspects of our founder, Blessed Scalabrini and co-founders, the Venerable Fr. Joseph Marchetti and Blessed Assunta Marchetti, highlighting their missionary spirit, their self-giving and holiness of life, which today motivate us to follow and enthusiastically take on our mission together with migrants and refugees.

We are in Manaus, the heart of the Amazon, and we are being hosted in the Mornese Retreat House of the Salesian Sisters. The meeting is taking place in a pleasant atmosphere of prayer, reflection and integration of all participants. The cultural tour, was realized in the first day, which allowed us to see and admire the natural and cultural beauties of this small earthly paradise.

We had the opportunity to meet, share and celebrate with Bishop José Albuquerque, Auxiliary Bishop of Manaus, with the Scalabrinian Sisters, priests  and lay missionaries of the community of Manaus, together with the Sisters and Salesian formands.

A fraternal embrace,
Sr. Fátima Pereira, mscs and Sr. Clarice Barp, mscs

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Corso congregazionale di formazione permanente

Manaus, 25 July 2019. We continued  our journey of ongoing formation in the heart of Amazonia, a cultural and spiritual richness, which  replenished us with joy, faith and hope every day. Our formation was intense, filled by MSCS spirituality and fraternal coexistence, as a group.

We were drinking from the Source, through people who helped us understand the migratory reality, not only of the Amazon; this place is extremely important, both because it is a sacred place and because of our missionary presence with many ethnic groups.

With joy we celebrated several moments, undoubtedly the most important were the Eucharistic celebrations, with the presence of the Church of Manaus through the priests and bishops of this archdiocese.

For this course very rich contents were prepared, thanks also to the collaboration of our sisters, we were more updated and had grown more: on co-founders, biblical knowledge (migrations in the Holy Scriptures), spirituality and mission (charisma), our sources (Traditio), our pillars (welcome, itinerancy and communion in diversity) and our relationships (humanization).

We have been offered different opportunities for encounters, including knowing the mission of our Sisters and our confreres, the LMS group. We had a beautiful cultural night with dances and typical foods, moments of integration and knowledge of good and welcoming people.

We had some visits, which are excited and had enriched us as missionaries, including that of Archbishop Sérgio Eduardo Castriani, who in his simplicity, wisdom and the fragility of his illness came to give us his blessing, presented us the evangelization plan of the archdiocese and thanked for our presence in his diocese.

We have received several messages, which have motivated us to continue to see in the other the image of the Migrant Christ who walks with his people, as pilgrim  in search of something more.

Our thanks to Sr. Maria Lélis da Silva – Provincial Superior of PMMM for her encouraging message and to all other communities: our thanks for the unity, the prayer and the opportunity to be here.

Our gratitude to all the teams present here who have accomplished their task so that everything can be realized in the best way.

Our thanks are given to the commitment of each participant present, especially Sr. Etra Modica, General Animator of  Formation, and Sr. Carolina França, Provincial Councilor who did her best, so that each of us would feel better.

We thank God for giving us the opportunity to see the wonders he created, here in this territory, so far and yet so close.

Sr. Andri Vilas Boas e Sr. Emiliane Diogo

Responsible for Communication



Congregational Ongoing Formation Course

Dear Sisters, formands and LMS,

Motivated by the theme of our Congregational Ongoing Formation Course, Reinchantment  for Jesus Christ and strengthening our gratitude to God for the trust placed in us and, with the slogan “We want to come with you, because we have seen that God is with you”(Zc 8: 23),

With the spirit of gratitude to God, who is faithful and continues to call, counting on our faithful response, we began this time of grace, the congregational ongoing formation with the warm arrival of 38 participating sisters from various parts of Brazil and of the world. Our heart is tranforming as in the heart of Amazonia – Manaus – a place of natural riches and faces marked by the diversity of cultures and ethnic groups; we are in the time when the whole Church is looking at the Amazon, after the convocation of Pope Francis for the Synod that will take place in October, with the theme: “Amazonia, new paths for the Church for an integral ecology”.

On the 9th   of July, we were welcomed by the General Animator of Formation, Sr. Etra Modica, who conveyed to the participants the unity of the general government by reading the message of the Superior General, Sr. Neusa de Fatima Mariano; the Provincial Councilors – Sr. Lucilene Carolina de França and Sr. Vicentina Roque dos Santos expressed their joy and gratitude for the realization of this course. Sr. Carolina introduced us to the local reality, she informed us about the beauties we would have experienced in Manaus and the different faces we would have met, faces marked by migratory stories. The course began with the Eucharistic celebration, the mystery of God’s love and the apex of the Christian view and of our missionary and consecrated life.

For our first day, we did a city tour to get to know the beauties of the city, its exuberant nature, landscapes and faces, the buildings so significant for this people. We visited the cathedral dedicated to Our Lady of Conception and at the feet of Mary we handed over our days of formation, the needs of our congregation and of the migrants.

With Fr. Leonardo Agostini Fernandes, we had the opportunity to deepen our knowledge of the person of Jesus Christ, his centrality in our lives and our conformation. These study days were also characterized by group work to deepen the Word of God, listening and sharing the needs and appeals that God makes us, in the mission entrusted to us and in the reality that each one lives. With a heart full of hope and certain of God’s great love for us, we continued our formation journey, deepening the lives of those who preceded us, responded by giving their lives, Blessed Assunta Marchetti and the Venerable Fr. Giuseppe Marchetti, animated by our Sister,  Sr. Leocadia Mezzomo.

Our meeting will continue with joy and commitment. We thank the communities that have cheered us with their messages. We are in unity with each Sister.

Sisters Andri Vilas Boas, mscs and Emiliane Diogo, mscs

Celebration of the Feast of the Founder, Blessed John Baptist

Rome, 1st June 2019

Prot. nº 834/2019
Reference: Celebration of the Feast of the Founder, Blessed John Baptist Scalabrini

Dear Sisters, Formands, Scalabrinian Lay Missionaries and Friends,

The celebration of the Feast of the Founder, Blessed John Baptist Scalabrini, this year is even of greater significance, for the reason that, we are at the rhythm of the internal reorganization of the Congregation and we are grateful to live it also in light of the theme of the XIV General Chapter: “Walk humbly with your God” (Mk. 6:8). All this motivates us to a path of inner renewal of our consecrated being and, at the same time, gives us a new spiritual force, a new courage and missionary impulse, whose goal of this path is marked by the action of the Holy Spirit. New frontiers open before us, new realities, other cultures, different needs, peripheries, new challenges to embody the Scalabrinian charism, in this changing time.

Insofar that we reflect on Scalabrini’s vision of migration and on the contemporary world’s condition, we realize how existent his understanding and pastoral activity was, and how profound his spirituality and its impact are, in the context in which he lived.

We can say that, Blessed John the Baptist Scalabrini was a man of intense life of faith and love of God, nourished by an ecclesial spirituality: he believed, hoped and loved. The legacy we received from our founder, Scalabrini, is the mission with the migrants, a present-day charism for our time and, therefore, I encourage you to treasure this gift that is expressed in the daily life of the Scalabrinian vocation, which is nourished by the renewal of a spiritual life that designs the Scalabrinian religious life towards our brothers and sisters in mobility.

For us, it is not enough to know some ideas or facts of the life of the Blessed Scalabrini because he is much more than a page of history or an exemplary figure for his time; he transcends his time. He walked humbly, undertaking humility as a way of life, letting himself be questioned and interrogated by migrant people for the reason that he was persuaded that God acts in history with through them and with them.

The human history is marked by the migration phenomenon. We, today, following the footsteps of our founder, we have also the opportunity, through the Itinerant Service, that we are living and is operative in different realities of the Congregation; in order to reach out to migrants, strengthening the itinerancy in the life of the MSCS Sister, being a supportive and prophetic presence in the world of human mobility, thus helping society, the Church and our religious communities to transfer the human person with the his unique dignity, welcoming the sending of announcing the universal love of the Father.

Therefore, to walk humbly with the Lord as Blessed Scalabrini did, is to live our earthly pilgrimage as “a constant movement, leaving ourselves to the other, to share with him the bread of our life as baptized and consecrated, to humbly wash the feet of the traveler, to perfume the unexpected guest with the precious nard, to and to look with loving eyes at the wounded or offended pilgrims in their own dignity, treating them with tenderness and with the determination of Jesus, the good Samaritan”.

Dear Sisters, formands, lay Scalabrinian missionaries, we are encouraging you to assume the legacy we received from our founder, Blessed John Baptist Scalabrini: radical thinking, speaking and acting in favor of the migrants. Even today, thanks to this great model of Scalabrini, we feel called to flourish once again our Scalabrinian creativity of serving the migrants and refugees who do not always find answers to their needs and their wounds, and through his intercession, we can accompany them in search of better conditions of life where faith, culture and life interweave.

In unity with the General Councilors and with the Secretary General, I wish you all a joyful Feast of our Founder, and that we may live in communion of mission and prayer with all the migrants, true bearers of good news and “hidden builders and providential of universal fraternity”.

Sr. Neusa de Fátima Mariano, mscs
Superior General

Tomorrow starts the novena in honor of Blessed John Baptist  Scalabrini

Tomorrow, the novena in honor of Blessed John Baptist  Scalabrini will start in the Cathedral of Piacenza. The initiative is promoted by the Missionary Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo, Scalabrinians in preparation for the liturgical Feast of the Father of the Migrants, Blessed Scalabrini on June 1st. The prayers begins at 5.30 pm every day, until May 31st (except Saturday 25th), obverse of his urn. The Sisters invite everyone, especially the faithful of Piacenza and the migrants, to be present to the urn of the Cathedral.

Those who are far from Piacenza can connect at a distance, via the webcam can is linked visible at  the congregational site  The novena is made possible and thanks to the collaboration of the Diocese of Piacenza-Bobbio.

“It is possible to send prayer intentions also through Facebook, on the ‘Scalabrinian Europe’ page, which will then be read during the novena  as stressed by Sister Milva Caro, provincial superior. “ We thank the Diocese for opening this moment of prayer, a sign of communion and profound esteem for his renowned pastor who loved his Diocese so much. We believe that this moment of recollection, today, we can better prepare for the day as we commemorate Blessed Scalabrini, Father of Migrants “.

Young ladies received in the Novitiate

Melrose Park. IL. Today, on the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima, the Patron of the Province, four young ladies from Mexico and Indonesia, give their willingness to continue their vocational journey and they are accepted in the Novitiate Formation. They were received by Sr.  Maria Manuela Amaral, mscs, Novice Directress and the Provincial Councilor and Responsible for Formation.

Buona Pasqua!

Non muri ma ponti é quanto ci dice Papa Francesco;

i muri abbattuti dalla forza della Resurrezione

diventano terreno per una nuova chiesa,

una nuova società e tutti collaboriamo con Dio.

Buona Pasqua!


Superiora Generale e Consigliere

Sr. Neusa de Fatima Mariano, mscs
Sr. Etra Modica, mscs
Sr. Marlene Vieira, mscs
Sr. Albertina Pauletti, mscs
Sr. Elizabeth Pedernal, mscs
Sr. Carmen Lisot, mscs

United Way visited the Casa Migrante

Juarez, Mexico: The President of the  United Way visited the Casa del Migrante and the benefactor of the shelter. He came from the USA to visit  and have a direct experience and encounter with the migrants and refugess,  heard their  first hand testimonies. He also offered some gifts like T-shirts, and some snacks that somehow alleviate the the migrants and were very happy.

Upon hearing the shared stories, he promised to continue the support and also fight for their rights in Washington.

Photo and Information:
Sr. Noemie Silva, mscs