Action in the field of health care

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Rooted in Jesus Christ, who went around curing the sick, with a view to the Kingdom, “the Congregation dedicates itself to the pastoral care of the sick as an important way of carrying out its specific apostolate in hospitals and homes for the aged, in home service and public health centers, and in other ways that the health care of the migrants may require” (Constitutions of the Scalabrinian Missionary Sisters, 120).

In every act of assistance to the sick, using traditional medical treatment or preventive or alternative medicine, whether in cutting-edge health structures, institutional health posts, home assistance, animation of the pastoral care of the sick, public health services or grass-roots clinics run by the welfare service in migration areas, MSCS Sisters are therefore concerned with the integrated treatment of the whole person, in order to restore his or her harmony and inner balance, taste for life, and joy of love and communion. Blessed Scalabrini said: “Take care of children and the sick: these are the two ways of winning everything to God” (Scalabrini, Letter to Monsignor P. Morganti, 1902).
Azione nel campo della SaluteIn caring for their neighbor’s health, MSCS Sisters express the Lord’s merciful love, solidarity and free gift to the neediest migrants, welcome, openness to dialogue, ecumenical sensitivity and a thorough-going respect for those who are different, defending those who are most lacking in protection, announcing the God of life with their witness, and striving to build up a more humane, solidary and fraternal world.