Social Pastoral work

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“Seeds emigrate on the wings of the wind, plants emigrate from continent to continent, carried by the currents of the waters, birds and animals emigrate, and, more than any of these, human beings emigrate, sometimes collectively, sometimes alone, but always as instruments of the Providence that watches over human destinies and guides them, even through disasters, toward the goal, which is the perfecting of the person on earth and the glory of God in heaven” (Blessed Scalabrini, 1879).

Through the social pastoral ministry, the Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of St Charles Borromeo–Scalabrinians shows that it is committed to forming a more humane, fraternal, just and solidary society, according to Gospel principles and fundamental human rights, in this case the rights of migrants.

Pastorale sociale

The Congregation promotes basic education, and revitalizes and intensifies fundamental activities of welfare service in areas affected by migration. It also draws up programs to train “operators of transformation” capable of acting against the injustice and discrimination of which migrants are often victims, in order to offer them a more humane and fraternal atmosphere.

In fidelity to its mission, the MSCS Congregation is sensitive to social problems, especially those springing from the phenomenon of migration, and strives to extend and coordinate the common commitment, so that migrants may lead a more dignified life.Pastorale sociale