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Scalabrinians, the XIV General Chapter has begun

XIV General Chapter
Consecrated for the Mission with Migrants and Refuges
“Walk humbly with your God” (Mc. 6, 8)


It is with great joy, faith and hope that on October 22, 2019, thirty-four delegate Sisters arrived at the International Spirituality Center of the Sacred Heart, Rocca di Papa – Rome to participate in the 14th General Chapter of the Congregation. That same day, Sr. Rosanna Costantini, FMA, facilitated dynamics for the integration of the group.

The 23rd and 24th of October were dedicated for sharing and communications on the process of internal reorganization carried out in the provinces done by the Provincial Superiors, 2014-2018 and the present Provincial Superiors and Delegate Superior of the Asia Delegation, the new configuration of the Congregation

In the morning of October 24, a very special moment, was the Eucharist celebration in front of the tomb of St. Peter, in the crypt of St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican, where the chapter Sisters requested the intercession of this great apostle for the success of the Chapter. Fr. Gianni de Robertis, Director General Fondazione Migrantes, who presided at Mass, reminded the Sisters to invoke the fire of the Holy Spirit, without this, which nothing can be done and referring to the words of Pope Francis said, “when you speak, do not say what the Superior General wants to hear, but say what the Holy Spirit truly suggests, with frankness and freedom.”

On October 25, celebrating the 124th anniversary of the Congregation, with the votive Eucharistic Celebration of the Holy Spirit, the official opening of the XIV General Chapter took place. H.E. Most Rev. Giancarlo Perego, Bishop of the Diocese of Ferrara – Comacchio, in his homily, recalled the words of Pope Francis of abandoning the pastoral of “always doing this”, and encouraged the Sisters to be bold and creative in rethinking, evangelizing with proper goals, structures, style and methods of communities; being a person of going forth, leaving one’s own comforts to go out to the outskirts, carrying the cross of Christ with so many brothers and sisters. He furthered talked about the commitment of Blessed Founder John the Baptist Scalabrini and the co-founders, Fr. Joseph and Blessed Assunta Marchetti, he underlined the demand for the “right to migrate” as an “inalienable right” of humankind.


The Superior General, Sr. Neusa de Fátima Mariano, welcomed the delegate Sisters to the Chapter and said that in the coming weeks there will be reflections, discernments and joint work on what has been lived and accomplished in recent years, looking at the future of the Church and the Scalabrinian religious life. Trusting in the Holy Spirit who calls and guides, Sr. Neusa declared the 14th General Chapter open.

Father Amedeo Cencini, CP, on October 25 and 26, presented some reflections and perspective as signs of the future and hope for the Consecrated Religious Life. He went on saying that the General Chapter does not have a duty to resolve all difficulties, but has its prophetic value where it will be pointing out new ways of convincing witness to the joy of consecrated life, and in living together. The ability to develop a culture of sensitivity that leads to compassion for the world in which we live and obedience to the discernment of God’s will. For this reason, ongoing formation is ordinary and not only extraordinary, in which the only model is that of Easter and the method is the integration of the death and resurrection of the Son in every moment of life through the power and action of the Holy Spirit.

In communion with the Church and the whole Congregation, we thank you for being close to us through your messages and prayers and we continue to count on your support and continuous prayers and in Eucharistic celebration. #MSCSGenChapter2019 #MissionariestotheMigrants


Corso congregazionale di formazione permanente

Manaus, 25 July 2019. We continued  our journey of ongoing formation in the heart of Amazonia, a cultural and spiritual richness, which  replenished us with joy, faith and hope every day. Our formation was intense, filled by MSCS spirituality and fraternal coexistence, as a group.

We were drinking from the Source, through people who helped us understand the migratory reality, not only of the Amazon; this place is extremely important, both because it is a sacred place and because of our missionary presence with many ethnic groups.

With joy we celebrated several moments, undoubtedly the most important were the Eucharistic celebrations, with the presence of the Church of Manaus through the priests and bishops of this archdiocese.

For this course very rich contents were prepared, thanks also to the collaboration of our sisters, we were more updated and had grown more: on co-founders, biblical knowledge (migrations in the Holy Scriptures), spirituality and mission (charisma), our sources (Traditio), our pillars (welcome, itinerancy and communion in diversity) and our relationships (humanization).

We have been offered different opportunities for encounters, including knowing the mission of our Sisters and our confreres, the LMS group. We had a beautiful cultural night with dances and typical foods, moments of integration and knowledge of good and welcoming people.

We had some visits, which are excited and had enriched us as missionaries, including that of Archbishop Sérgio Eduardo Castriani, who in his simplicity, wisdom and the fragility of his illness came to give us his blessing, presented us the evangelization plan of the archdiocese and thanked for our presence in his diocese.

We have received several messages, which have motivated us to continue to see in the other the image of the Migrant Christ who walks with his people, as pilgrim  in search of something more.

Our thanks to Sr. Maria Lélis da Silva – Provincial Superior of PMMM for her encouraging message and to all other communities: our thanks for the unity, the prayer and the opportunity to be here.

Our gratitude to all the teams present here who have accomplished their task so that everything can be realized in the best way.

Our thanks are given to the commitment of each participant present, especially Sr. Etra Modica, General Animator of  Formation, and Sr. Carolina França, Provincial Councilor who did her best, so that each of us would feel better.

We thank God for giving us the opportunity to see the wonders he created, here in this territory, so far and yet so close.

Sr. Andri Vilas Boas e Sr. Emiliane Diogo

Responsible for Communication



Buona Pasqua!

Non muri ma ponti é quanto ci dice Papa Francesco;

i muri abbattuti dalla forza della Resurrezione

diventano terreno per una nuova chiesa,

una nuova società e tutti collaboriamo con Dio.

Buona Pasqua!


Superiora Generale e Consigliere

Sr. Neusa de Fatima Mariano, mscs
Sr. Etra Modica, mscs
Sr. Marlene Vieira, mscs
Sr. Albertina Pauletti, mscs
Sr. Elizabeth Pedernal, mscs
Sr. Carmen Lisot, mscs

The MSCS realized interprovincial meeting

“The Provinces of the Missionary Sisters of St. Charles, Scalabrinians based in Brazil, (Our Lady of Aparecida, Immaculate Conception, Christ the King and Mary, Mother of the Migrants) welcomed with joy and with great hope the decisions taken during the inter-provincial meeting; the proposal of the internal reorganization of the congregation is a commitment of all “. This is what the provincial superiors of the 4 Provinces wrote in a note, the protagonists in the creation of the new Province of South America and Africa, at the end of a meeting held between August 31st and September 2nd, in Jundiai – Sao Paulo, Brazil. It has been decided that the Province will be called Mary, Mother of Migrants, that its headquarters will be in São Paulo, Brazil. “We pray that the Spirit of God will continue to enlighten us and to give us the gift of Wisdom in every step and every decision for the configuration of the Province of South America and Africa,” the provincial superiors continue.

Read more details: Communication 10.09: Interprovincial Meeting, Brazil 

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