Puglia, 720 percorsi individuali per integrazione lavorativa migranti

It is called “Skills to work” and is a project aimed at labor integration of migrants, with 720 individualized courses, distributed in all the provinces of Puglia. The initiative is the result of the partnership between the Puglia Region, the lead partner, the social cooperative companies Rinascita and Arci Lecce, CeFas Training Center and high specialization, Afg-Global Training Association. “By supporting migrants we want to curb the phenomenon of their expulsion from the labor market, despite being exposed to greater mobility, lower wages and, for this very reason, with a greater chance of job placement – explain the Region.

In some communities foreigners, in fact, there are high quotas of NEETs (young people who do not study and do not seek employment) and very high levels of female inactivity or employed who perform lower level tasks, compared to the skills acquired in schooling attended in the countries of origin , because they do not fully exploit their curriculum, and there is also a lack of participation in active employment policy programs for the unemployed “.

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