The Scalabrinian Family launches an appeal to “talk about migration

The General Direction of the three Institutes of the Scalabrinian Family (composed of the Fathers, Sisters and Lay Consecrated) met in Villabassa (Bolzano). The goal was to focus attention on the most pressing needs in the migration sector. “We are living in a time when old and new conflicts uproot thousands of people from their homes and their land and force them to seek security elsewhere”, said Father Leonir Chiarello (Superior General of the Scalabrinians), Sister Neusa de Fatima Mariano (general superior of the Scalabrinians) and Regina Widmann (general manager of the Scalabrinian Seculars)

“We are living a time in which the exasperated search for one’s own comfort exacerbates the inequalities among people and between nations – they continue – and forces many to look for opportunities in another country, where access to those opportunities is often denied; a time in which to have hope one must buy it illegally and end up buying the probability of failure or death; a time in which rhetoric against migrants prevails and is utilized as an easy tool to obtain consensus while giving in return uncertain and short-term solutions. These are not abstract considerations. Just think of the many borders where so many tragedies are taking place every day”.

These are three guidelines launched by the Scalabrinian Family. Narrating through facts and witnessing because there is a lot of “repetitiveness in stigmatizing migrants as a threat to national well-being, to the security of citizens, to the cultural heritage of a society”. Therefore narrating migrants, because “the migrants especially are silent, because nobody wants to hear their voice. It is our duty to create opportunities for migrants to speak and for someone to listen, for us to listen”. Finally, “narrating to God”, because “precisely before God the migrants will not accompany us, but we must create opportunities to narrate together our stories that intertwine to become the history of salvation”.

Read the Message of the Scalabrinian Family 2019

Congregational Ongoing Formation Course

Dear Sisters, formands and LMS,

Motivated by the theme of our Congregational Ongoing Formation Course, Reinchantment  for Jesus Christ and strengthening our gratitude to God for the trust placed in us and, with the slogan “We want to come with you, because we have seen that God is with you”(Zc 8: 23),

With the spirit of gratitude to God, who is faithful and continues to call, counting on our faithful response, we began this time of grace, the congregational ongoing formation with the warm arrival of 38 participating sisters from various parts of Brazil and of the world. Our heart is tranforming as in the heart of Amazonia – Manaus – a place of natural riches and faces marked by the diversity of cultures and ethnic groups; we are in the time when the whole Church is looking at the Amazon, after the convocation of Pope Francis for the Synod that will take place in October, with the theme: “Amazonia, new paths for the Church for an integral ecology”.

On the 9th   of July, we were welcomed by the General Animator of Formation, Sr. Etra Modica, who conveyed to the participants the unity of the general government by reading the message of the Superior General, Sr. Neusa de Fatima Mariano; the Provincial Councilors – Sr. Lucilene Carolina de França and Sr. Vicentina Roque dos Santos expressed their joy and gratitude for the realization of this course. Sr. Carolina introduced us to the local reality, she informed us about the beauties we would have experienced in Manaus and the different faces we would have met, faces marked by migratory stories. The course began with the Eucharistic celebration, the mystery of God’s love and the apex of the Christian view and of our missionary and consecrated life.

For our first day, we did a city tour to get to know the beauties of the city, its exuberant nature, landscapes and faces, the buildings so significant for this people. We visited the cathedral dedicated to Our Lady of Conception and at the feet of Mary we handed over our days of formation, the needs of our congregation and of the migrants.

With Fr. Leonardo Agostini Fernandes, we had the opportunity to deepen our knowledge of the person of Jesus Christ, his centrality in our lives and our conformation. These study days were also characterized by group work to deepen the Word of God, listening and sharing the needs and appeals that God makes us, in the mission entrusted to us and in the reality that each one lives. With a heart full of hope and certain of God’s great love for us, we continued our formation journey, deepening the lives of those who preceded us, responded by giving their lives, Blessed Assunta Marchetti and the Venerable Fr. Giuseppe Marchetti, animated by our Sister,  Sr. Leocadia Mezzomo.

Our meeting will continue with joy and commitment. We thank the communities that have cheered us with their messages. We are in unity with each Sister.

Sisters Andri Vilas Boas, mscs and Emiliane Diogo, mscs