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Migrants, meeting in Rome on human dignity

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The UIC Chair in Bioethics and Human Rights in Rome, together with the SIMI (Scalabrini International Migration Institute) and other bodies, organized a day of discussion in Rome on the theme “Human dignity and human rights of refugees”, within the European project “European Citizens for Solidarity” (EUROSOL) co-funded by the “Europe for Citizens” program of the European Union.

The Forum was held in the Master’s Hall of the European University of Rome and of the Pontifical Regina Apostolorum University The Forum was divided into three sessions, each with a theme related to the situation of refugees in a bioethical perspective and human rights.

It started with “Refugee, opportunity or threat? Context, causes and perspectives. The situation of the refugee: the voices of the protagonists “with the intervention of Father Aldo Skoda, director of SIMI, to continue with a focus on” Rights and duties of the refugee in the perspective of bioethics “. The day ended with the theme “Integration of refugees in an intercultural and religious perspective”.

The goal of the forum is to promote intercultural dialogue, find creative solutions and proposals through information, knowledge and the sharing of skills. Alongside the experts, the protagonists of this debate will be refugees and migrants themselves, as well as politicians interested in the current migration challenge.

Among the present authorities stand out: the director of the UNESCO Chair, Alberto Garcia, the director of SIMI (Scalabrini International Migration Institute), Father Aldo Skoda Giorgio de Acutis of the Italian Red Cross – Metropolitan Area Committee of Rome Capital (Social Area) and the research doctor in Sociology and methodology of Social Research, Veronica Roldan.

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