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Synodality, the journey for the XIV General Chapter

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Rome. On September 5 – 20, 2019 at the General Headquarters, Rome, the General Government joined together with the preparatory commission, composed of Sr. Giuliana Bosini, Sr. Elizangela Chavez Dias and Sr. Roschelle Isada, to share the process in the preparation of the XIV General Chapter with the help of the Chapter moderator, Sr. Michelin Tremblay, osc.
Recognizing that journeying together is the key that led us towards a new expression of reliving the congregational story, it is with the great desire to walk with God, as Sisters in the service of migrants. With the several moments and days of reflection, study, discussion, as methods in the preparation for the XIV General Chapter, the commission come out with a synthesis that was born from the contributions received from the communities, provinces and delegations.
With greater ardor and commitment of the journey towards the Chapter, the commission and the general government heads toward Congregational synodality and to “walk humbly with God.” The grace given was both a gift and a responsibility. As the a path of synodality, it opens a new horizon of hope, beauty and joy in living anew as a fruit of the congregational internal reorganization. It was an experience of renewal calling each one to live a new spell of the Goodnews dynamism and coherence, together with the migrants and refugees.

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