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Believing in the promise and in God’s blessing

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First Communication for the VIIº Congregational Course for Formators

The VIIº Congregational Course for Formators from February 1 until February 15, 2019, was held in San Carlos Eventos e Hospedagems, Jundiaí, SP. This has the objective, “ To believe in the promise and in God’s blessing who precedes us to indicate the way. ”
The encounter is under the responsibility of the Superior General and Councilors, coordinated by Sr. Etra Modica, General Animator for Formation.

The course started with the Eucharistic Celebration in the Chapel of the Events Center, with30 participants. This was followed by the opening session, informations, and the integration of the participants. The Sisters were then invited to join the pilgrimage at the Santuario de Nuestra Señora Aparecida, for the intensification of Marian Spirituality. Then Consecrated Life Day was celebrated, then knowing better the history and the elements that constitute the religiosity, expressed in varied arts, in panels, in mosaics, comprising the Sanctuary’s religious complex.

The pedagogical keys for the personalized accompaniment of the initial formation, were deepened on the 2nd and the 3rd days, at the Vocational Center Auditorium of San Carlos in Aparecida. The topic was presented by Professor Eduardo Cardozo, an expert in the field of the education, oriented principally on the topics of the youth, the juvenile culture, and the leading role of the educative projects. He concluded this on Sunday morning, working on the identity and the profile of the religious consecrated life formator for young people, taking the forms as procedual, gradual and integral, confronting the challenges of the formation in the post-modern era, giving special attention to a humanized formation.

On Sunday afternoon, we visited the Novices and the Sisters at San Carlos Novitiate in Potim, where we shared our moments of fraternal encounter, knowing the physical space of the formation house, and the day was concluded with the Eucharistic Celebration at the Sanctuary.

On February 4, we initiated the day with the Eucharistic Celebration of the renewal of the Vows of Sr. Vitorinha Bernardino Albuquerque in the Centro Vocacional San Carlos Chapel. The morning was closed taking on the elements that constituted the general phases of formation. Later, the group returned to Jundiaí in order to give continuity to the established programming that will be extended until February 15.


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