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Scalabrinians, Sister Lucia professes perpetual vows

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Scalabrinians, Sister Lucia professed perpetual vowsThe Scalabrinian Sister Lucia Amarante Ferreira da Silva professed perpetual vows in the city of Bonfinópolis de Minas on Sunday 26 November. He did so in the presence of hundreds of lay people of the diocese and not, also coming from the cities of Brasília, Ferndale, Curitiba, Santo André, São Paulo and Quito, capital of Ecuador.

Fr Jorge Alves Bezerra, bishop of Paracatu, underlined how consecration is a life dedicated to the service of the most needy, and reiterated the importance of working with migrants.

He asked the faithful to be an outgoing church and concluded by saying that the world is full of the presence of God, but that they have no eyes to see and hands that are placed at the service of the Kingdom.


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