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Sister. Lucia one of the 100 most influential Brazilian health

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The Scalabrinian Sr. Lucia Boniatti is one of the 100 most influential people in Brazil. This is what emerges from a prize organized by the Grupo Mídia of San Paolo. Sister Lucia is the director of the Mother of God Hospital in Porto Alegre, second hospital in Latin America and before the Region.

“Working to welcome is our philosophy of the congregation so that everyone can be welcomed in a human way – he explains – we have excellent doctors but we want to make sure that the human being is welcomed in its entirety. This goes in the direction of creating empathy for fragile human beings seeking help. Love takes care more than medicine: science exists and does good but nothing exceeds love, attention, compunction and presence “. The Madre di Dio hospital has been operating since 1979 and has 380 beds. It is one of the pioneering places in the fight against cancer in Brazil.

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