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A New Migration Rule is implemented in the border of USA – Mexico

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Mexico. With the MSCS presence in the border, it was said that there is  a new migration ruling that is implemented in the border of USA and Mexico. This implementation of the new law, would mean that receiving a number in Mexico in order to await a migrant’s turn for the first migration interview in the USA side, to be delayed and rethink again. The rule entails that the new way of treating the asylum seekers in the USA and it would take effect in the US border where the migrants has to take turns having appointment for the first time and yet, one has to return back to Mexico and wait for the court hearing or a court date in the USA. With this situation, one has advised to have a lawyer in the USA side to appeal their case, while they are at Mexico.

These migrants are called Returnees not Deportees. “There are other returnees who have been under the El Paso bridge for 5 days and then placed in the detention holding for 8 days without the opportunity of showering or eating properly. Some families are continuously being separated and small children a taken away from their guardians. The guardians are returned to Mexico and the children remain in the USA. This is unbelievable, who in their right mind made up this law. To me it seems that the USA is playing with not only the rights of migrants/refugees, but with their lives. It appears that the USA has no intention of giving migrants/refugees asylum in the USA.” expressed by Sr. Noemia Silva, mscs

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