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CSEM completes 30 years of foundation, launches a new institutional website

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The Centro Scalabriniano de Estudos Migratórios-CSEM, based in Brasilia, celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2018!

To mark this special celebration, the CSEM refashion its visual identity and design that retained its meaning, brought a touch of modernity to the trademark’s colors, traits and main elements.

With an interdisciplinary and intercultural perspective, the trademark seeks to transmit welcoming and openness to others, highlighting the diversified, complex and multiform human mobility. The trademark promotes the design of the world as an international symbol, exhibiting human elements of the most varied races, classes, ages, sex. Giving priority in the center of the world, highlights the breadth and union of people of different nationalities. The design reflects a simple and minimalist style, facilitating the application of the trademark in printed and digital media.

The Center also launches a trademark new portal, dynamic and adapted to the various mobile devices. These actions aim to strengthen CSEM’s mission to “foster, produce and disseminate scientific and interdisciplinary knowledge on migration from a perspective of respect and prophetic promotion of human dignity towards a just world where no one is a foreigner.”


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