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International Women’s Day, Scalabrinians: Covid does not shut down on violence and abuse

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“Covid cannot make one to turn a blind eye to an unprecedented economic and social crisis and human trafficking that continues to distinguish the poorest countries in the world. More than one in two migrant women are victims of psychological and physical abuse and almost four out of ten have been subjected to torture. These numbers should make it clear how helping women, who find themselves in situations of vulnerability, in Italy, as in the rest of the world, is one of the priorities to be followed even during this pandemic period”. This is said by Sister Neusa de Fatima Mariano, Superior General of the Scalabrinian Missionary Sisters, a congregation that since their foundation has been involved in assisting the migrants, on the occasion of International Women’s Day which is celebrated today, 8 March. The data is based on a study by the Ismu Foundation / The tree of life on values ​​from 2019.

“These numbers testify that in the agenda of political decision-makers there cannot be only the management of the coronavirus emergency, although it is a priority and important – she continues – Women have a fundamental role in the family, in the development of children, in the desire for redemption and growth that distinguish this historical moment. Thanks to the intentions of the Holy Father, we have created ‘timed’ shelters, such as those opened in Rome by the ‘Chaire Gynai’ project, where we allow people in fragile and semi-autonomous conditions to be able to integrate and live a whole new colorful life. If on the one hand the social network wants to welcome, integrate, protect and promote, on the other it is opportune that the countries around the world decide a clear approach in the fight against human trafficking and violence against women.

Protecting them means protecting life, always, because a world without women would be sterile, because they know how to look at everything with maternal eyes that see beyond and are capable of giving birth to solidarity and universal fraternity from within the same drama of emigration, in view of new heavens and a new earth! Thanks to all the women who dedicate themselves to defend the life and dignity of the feminine condition, made vulnerable by exploitation and injustice”

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