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Pope: Go to Mass to live more as Christians

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Christians do not go to Mass to do a weekly task and then forget, no. Christians go to Mass to participate in the Lord’s Passion and Resurrection and then live more as Christians: the commitment to Christian witness opens up.

We leave the church to “go in peace” to bring God’s blessing in our daily activities, in our homes, in our work environments, among the occupations of the earthly city, “glorifying the Lord with our lives”.

But if we leave the church chatting and saying, “Look at this, look at that…”, with our long tongue, the Mass did not enter my heart. Why? Because I am not capable of living Christian witness.

Every time I leave Mass, I have to go out better than I did, with more life, with more strength, with more desire to give Christian witness”. This is what Pope Francis said during the last general audience in the Vatican.

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